Camera viewfinder for the Raspberry Pi

Sadly, my Hitachi VM-600 VHS camcorder passed away. After dismantling it, I kept the useful parts including a black & white CRT viewfinder. Since I'm currently collecting parts for my Raspberry Pi, I thought it's time to put this piece back to operation.

Boot from USB without BIOS support

USB support

Nowadays, virtually every new computer has USB booting capabilities, but it hasn't always been like this. Yesterday I faced the challenge of booting a laptop from USB without native BIOS support. There are clearly two different approaches:

Rebuilding a Li-Ion battery pack

Li-Ion cells

Suppose you have a laptop and it comes up against a major problem, e.g. the motherboard or the display stops working, while the batteries still hold plenty of charge. On the other hand you've got another, different brand computer whose batteries last only very few minutes. Why not moving the cells from the working battery pack to the exhausted one?

Turn your old laptop into a SOCKS proxy server

A few months ago I was about to leave for a trip, and I knew I would need to use Internet access from different hotels —that means sharing public access points with unknown people. I decided to encrypt my communications using my home network as a gateway. In this article I will describe how I turned an old Dell Latitude into an SSH/SOCKS server, with an emphasis on power saving and quietness.

Debian Wheezy on Apple Powerbook G4

Powerbook G4 12" running Debian Wheezy

Last week I upgraded an Apple Powerbook G4 12" to Debian Wheezy. The purpose of this installation is to provide this laptop with an up-to-date and secure operating system. This article intends to be a brief description of the setup process.

Upgrade Android on the Motorola Flipout

Motorola Flipout MB511

This post is about upgrading the Motorola Flipout (MB511). The biggest drawback of this smartphone is the lack of software upgrades from the manufacturer. The default software consists of Android 2.1 plus the MotoBlur set of features. Here's a short tutorial on how I recently upgraded my Flipout to CyanogenMod 7.

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