Phoenix GNU/Linux

What is Phoenix?

It's a GNU/Linux operating system ready to be used. It fits in one CD that you can use on-the-fly, and it has loads of programs and utilities. You can also install it side by side with your current setup to make it persistent and run faster.

Why did you create it?

Lots of people asked me repeatedly for the same applications as well as a Spanish localized desktop environment. In order to simplify things I took Knoppix as the basis and packaged everything into a live environment.

What's on it?

Here's the most remarkable apps:

  • Graphics: Blender, Dia, GIMP, Gqview, Kpaint, QCAD, Sodipodi, Xaos, Xfig, GhostView
  • Multimedia: Audacity, K3B, Kaffeine, HasciiCam, LiVES, Mplayer, SoundTracker, TerminatorX, XMMS, XawTV, Xine
  • Editors: Emacs 21, Vim, GVim, Kate
  • Education and Entertainment: Ktouch, Kalzium, Kstars, Kig, KHangman, Ssystem
  • Net: NXClient, Ethereal (wireshark), Gaim, Gftp, GPSdrive, Kget, Kmail, KMLdonkey, Firefox, XChat, Kwifimanager, Prozilla, Mutt, Lynx, LinNeighborhood, Knode
  • Games: Armagetron, Atomic Tanks, Chromium, Circus Linux, Galaga, Kasteroids, Kgoldrunner, Search and Rescue, Starfighter, SuperTux, Xbill, Frozen Bubble, Zsnes
  • Office: Acrobat Reader, OpenOffice, Scribus, Korganizer, Kontact, Xpdf
  • System: Qtparted, Wine, Samba, Kpackage
  • Development: Java 1.4.2, Python 2.3, Perl 5.8.4, TkWish 8.4






Phoenix 1.2 x86 ISO (Released 20050317)
md5: 5e142fe418a999d684516b5cf5780f80
sha: 7b5641ec8c5fedec31f5f708557a1a7f57ccdd2e