Rebuilding a Li-Ion battery pack

Li-Ion cells

UPDATE (2014-07-15) After using the battery pack for a few weeks, I've been able to browse the web and edit text files for around 3:30 hours with one full charge. I didn't expect that much!

Suppose you have a laptop and it comes up against a major problem, e.g. the motherboard or the display stops working, while the batteries still hold plenty of charge. On the other hand you've got another, different brand computer whose batteries last only very few minutes. Why not moving the cells from the working battery pack to the exhausted one?
The battery pack I built seems to last a couple of hours when fully charged, so I'd say it's a success. Anyway I will not describe any method or steps here but a link to a very thorough tutorial I followed. I only provide a few pictures I took at different stages of the operation.
First things first: this is a dangerous procedure and it should be performed only by qualified people. Battery cells can explode under certain conditions, please take extreme caution when handling Lithium cells, and carefully follow the instructions. Second: don't let the pictures fool you. This is not like changing the batteries from your portable stereo, at all.

If you dare to do it, I strongly recommend to you reading the whole article:

How to rebuild a Li-Ion battery pack

Good luck!